Process Capability

Molding and Tooling:
All steps from tooling design, molding, testing, injection molding, stress relief to assembly are all done in our factory. With die resume, first-piece inspection and precious materials control, Apistek has gained accreditation about the great quality and accuracy from first-tier manufacturers.
The Fan:
Apistek has the capability to complete the whole process of fan products, from fan design, mechanical design, molding and tooling, plastic molding, magnetizing and magnetic, winding to assembly test.

The Hardware:
All the production tools used in the manufacturing process are made by Apistek itself, which means Apistek is capable to do the metal punching milling, cutting, drilling, planning, polishing, even anodizing and assembly inspection to secure the best precision of processing.


Total Solution from Design to Production

Apistek has a professional design and manufacturing team to take care of the whole process from product design, sampling, testing, to tooling; with the consummate equipment and facility, the self-made product ratio in Apistek is over 85%. Therefore, we are able to promise great product quality, nice lead time and make quick response to customers’ demands. In addition, Apistek keeps updating the production and testing equipment for providing customers greater design quality and meet all kinds of demands better!


Fan Production

Be supported by a professional and experienced design team, Apitek has lunched a full range of standard series of fan products and is working in advanced product series which are with higher performance and better energy-saving to fit various demands from different markets and applications: not only dedicate in PC industry, also approaching other fields including home appliances, communications, vehicle…and so on. Furthermore, Apitek also provides consulting service for making tailor-made solutions to perfectly meet customers’ applications.